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Ohio Voter Project Announces New Exciting Changes

Here at Ohio Voter Project, we’ve always emphasized the importance of protecting our fundamental right to vote – a right granted to us as Americans. And this importance cannot be understated. Because we live in a democratic nation, voters have a direct impact on who’s elected and the governmental changes that come along with choosing an elected official, whether on a local, state, or federal level.

Without active voters, there can be no democracy. Despite how important it is to maintain an active voter registration status, only about half of all American citizens actively participate in the voting system – much less than our previous generations did.

Our goal is to make it easier for Ohio voters to monitor voter registration status for themselves and other people of interest, which in turn should help increase voter turnout.

To make that goal a reality, Ohio Voter Project has recently gone through some exciting new changes that directly affects how you can keep track of your voter registration status and of others.

Ohio Voter Project is now proud to announce the reformation and rebranding of our organization. Previously known as Ohio Voter Project, we are now a registered non-profit organization called American Voter Project, Inc.

The Importance of Tracking Voter Registration Status

Until recently, voter registration tracking software and the systems needed to implement it was costly and difficult to implement. Now, Ohio voters can view important analytic data on the past and current elections as well as their own and other’s voter registration data.

As part of our release of the voter registration status system, we’re also introducing a new way to protect voter registration data. The system, known as Vote Sentinel, is designed to safeguard sensitive voter information.

Perhaps the single most important reason to keep track of your voter registration is to protect your right to vote. Nearly 1 in 6 registered voters in Ohio are now in CONFIRMATION status. Those in this status cannot participate in voting unless they confirm their status. If neglected for too long, you’ll lose your ability to vote entirely.

The only way to prevent your status from changing is to actively monitor it and promptly address it if you move into confirmation status.

Unfortunately, keeping track of your status manually can be a hassle. And if you forget to monitor it, you'll have to register all over again. By subscribing to our voter registration status, you'll immediately be alerted to any changes to your status. That way, you can immediately step in and protect your right to vote.

While we're proud to say this service is currently free to use, we do ask that those who find it useful to please consider donating to our cause, as there are operating costs involved in keeping this system available to the public.

As American Voter Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization, we rely on the people to support our operation and their right to vote.

Please donate to American Voter Project, Inc. to support your right to vote today!

- The American Voter Project, Inc. Team

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